Thursday, January 3, 2013

Jarritos Buckle #2

!Que Buenos Son!

The first buckle attempt resulted in evidence that my brain is decaying invisibly as I arranged the bottle caps upside down when worn how I usually wear a belt. I tried to put the belt on backwards and while that fixed the orientation of the caps I still felt like an idiot. So, I had to wait 4 months until I had a moment of peace to really apply myself to my chosen calling. This was an improvement but I can't pretend it looks pretty. Try to make something out of bottle caps and you'll know quickly what your standards are. For the record, I drank dozens of Jarritos soda to make this buckle.

I had high hopes for my holiday but haven't gotten much done. I wanted to make some leather wrist bands and jewelry but only researched my electric furnace to fix (not a moment too soon as it's officially freezing here) and transferred all my files to a new computer and tuned 1/3 of a piano and repaired a hole I cut in my boots so my arthritic toe would fit them. I didn't even get my driver's license moved to Texas because I figured now I'm unemployed and considering far flung adventure options such a Hatha yoga internship in India and returning to college in California to attempt to get my foot in the door as a national park guide. The apartment needs a woman's touch but that's not realistic so I'm going to ignore it until the piano is tuned.

Call me crazy, but I seriously think this talisman will protect me when I travel through Torreon, Mexico on my bongo drum tour to end the drug war.

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