Thursday, January 3, 2013


It's awful for me to kick a dead horse but the ghost of Steve Jobs has been on my mind as a biographer is making the publicity circuit espousing the genius of Jobs. It's a representation of how far we have withdrawn into confusion and Orwellian doublespeak for someone to look at an Apple computer and think "Simple". I want to punch them in the face and say, "Love" and defend myself by saying that punching someone in the face is basically a variation of hugging them. Ok. OK. I'm the asshole.
I'm too tired and depressed to go through the whole explanation of how totally complex computer derived accessories are. If you really think Ipods are "simple" then you're hopeless. You probably think cars painted white are cleaner. "Three clicks to a song." That's not "simple", that good engineering. At least call it the right word. Circuit boards and plastic cases are grown by hippies in Mendocino. SURE! Go get a Family Guy enema with Haitian blood transfusions. It's so disgusting. The gold alone is bringing several nations to the brink of complete ecological collapse. The copper is so awful to refine that the leading source of copper, Chile, will not refine it. No, they export it to China on freighters THAT ARE THE DEFINITION OF SIMPLICITY across the oceans. How can I not be a critic when someone talks about common sense regarding H2S and simplicity regarding circuit boards? I have a sticker "Simplify" and it became more of a reminder than a statement of fact. Living in a van isn't simple but it doesn't have the global consequences of an iPod. Oh, it's the same bullshit that people use with the reasoning that prisons create jobs ergo more prisons are good. Twisted thinking that is so prevalent that CSPAN is promoting it. I'm telling you we are on a crash course with Mad Max and our lexicon is being usurped by digital demons.

I'll leave this topic at this: everyone who knew Jobs said he, like Stalin and Jim Jones, had some kind of disconnect with reality that they called "Reality Distortion Field". I TOTALLY AGREE...but for different reasons. Basically he would ask people to do things that they had never done and were reluctant to try but ultimately advanced the cause of Steve Jobs. (applause). But the reality distortion field that I see is the ability to overlook vast and destructive methods in the pursuit of digital information technology merchandise. And that's not unusual except when it begins to change reality so that "blight" equals "health" and "complexity" means "simplicity" even after Jobs died. His distortion field was so strong that he changed perception of reality. Wouldn't that make him the most influential cult leader the world has ever known? Oggy wants to hear your opinion.


Anonymous said...

Of course he is a cult leader.
But who cares cause so is obama and Grover Norsquist. So is doc martin, ghandi, the pope and god. They all are. Fuck em. The only way shit is gonna change is if you arm yourself and defend your beliefs. And get other people to defend theirs and then conspire to get it right and just.
It's all bullshit. Build your bunker, it only is gonna get worse.


Oggy Bleacher said...

blogging about it won't change anything?

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