Thursday, January 3, 2013

That's Entertainment

The Yamaha Baby Grand is so ridiculously nice to play that I wanted to record this song on it for future reference.

actually, I wasn't going to upload that "Some Enchanted Evening" song because I think I massacred it. And I still struggle with tempo because I'm sight reading. But I'm improving when I can play a song like "All of Me" and manage to observe a tempo regardless of what notes I play then the folks start to smile and tap their feet and I know what I'm aiming for. My music teachers would be horrified to see me playing so freely with the tempo. Their first message was, "never stop" and their second message was "keep the tempo" and their third message was "get the notes right." This was repeated over and over. You never give up on a song once you start. You never slow down to get the notes right. And eventually you get the notes right at the right tempo. I don't stop but I always slow down when I'm not sure what to play. Thus you can never dance to my playing because the beat always fluctuates. This is the price of taking 4 years off between practice. But I definitely remembered The Entertainer...I tried to get to Scott Joplin's house in St. Louis to play this on his piano but literally couldn't afford the $5 admission fee at the time.


Kennethchristianhawkins said...

Sounds like they don't like the sustain pedal. Nice job, That was one of the songs my alcholism never allowed me to learn

Oggy Bleacher said...

"Heaven" by Bryan Adams is your assignment. You have the song in one of those songbooks and it's a tribute to the relationships that are myths in our mind so eulogize your sadness and vanquish your past.

chicken tits said...

ok it took me two minutes to realize it's every other song Iv'e learned, now what? Sometimes it's the strife that lends love to songs, but the shit comes too easy like a template beaten like a whore from The old bridge reflecting the marlboro reds, and sadness that owns her glutton for sadness as she eats her guilt.

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