Saturday, June 22, 2013

Skilling Buys Freedom In Crooked Country

"Washington (dpa) - A U.S. judge on Friday decreased by 10 years the sentence of disgraced former Enron chief executive Jeffrey Skilling as part of a deal with the Justice Department that will see him pay $42 million to victims of the energy company's collapse"

This guy engineered a fraud that cost people 2 billion in employee pensions and rendered worthless $60 billion in Enron stocks.(except for the $100 million that Skilling conveniently sold before it was determined to be worthless) he defrauded everyone. lied about it, fought it and still managed to only get a 24 year sentence for ruining the savings of an entire generation of utilities workers and teachers in California who had their pensions invested in Enron. Now he's only on the hook for 14 years....and he's served 7 so far (since he managed to avoid prison FOR 5 YEARS AFTER HIS CRIMES!!). If I broke into the homes of 10,000 people and stole everything they owned and then used their money to pay crooked lawyers to reduce my sentence then there is something obviously corrupt with that. The excuse is that since he has the money to drag out litigation of what he really owes he managed to leverage the corruption of our justice department against itself because he could technically break the bank as his victims tried to be repaid. But it doesn't take a genius to read between the lines to find out who the judge was who quickly agreed to this travesty. "U.S. District Judge Sim Lake III  was appointed as a judge on the U.S. District Court's Southern District of Texas in 1988 by President Ronald Reagan."
The crooked snakes always protect their own split tongue brethren.

Seriously, HOW IS HE GOING TO REPAY $42 MILLION DOLLARS? Dear god, a child in third grade would not GIVE HIM ONE COOKIE for a deal to get two cookies in an hour. And that's with the innocence of a child. Here, we actually know and recognize this fuckwad as a gigantic fraud, a liar, a convicted crook, a thief, pathologically evil, etc....AND WE'RE GOING TO GIVE HIM A CHANCE TO REDEEM HIMSELF. lolololololol. We really look like assholes. I'll bet he throws the first pitch out at Dodgers Stadium and those idiots will have no idea he used their pensions to build a life sized David ice statue that pissed champagne.

And a shit ton of that money ended up in the loathsome Lou Pai's hooker account. (Oggy pounds head on table) There is no way you're going to convince me this is a kind of justice that is "better" than a stockade or an aboriginal tradition of eating hearts immediately upon suspicion of wrongdoing. NO WAY. It's transparently crooked and totally favors wealth. The lesson is to steal enough, and hide enough, to be able to defend yourself with the loot...and the people (us) are totally defenseless against the corruption. And I'm called some kind of revolutionary because I recognize the inherent insanity of it. "Democracy and Capitalism are the best we've got," says the idiot who doesn't know shit about anything else.

Honestly, there is no chance of justice for Skilling because in the land of pigs, the fat hog rules...he understands the system, he's the king of the system, a freed thief...he totally learned the loopholes that were built to help him get rich. I'd be deluded if I think he's an isolated incident. Capitalism is corrupt by nature, oppressive, immoral, ungodly. It alone is responsible for a climate apocalypse. So, Skilling is one flea on the stray dog of Capitalism running loose with hanging balls amid the mangy bitch stew. It still baffles me that Skilling is going to back in business. I'd call this a total failure in basic social function. Basically, a bank robber who gets 20 years DIDN'T THINK BIG ENOUGH. HE WASN'T AMBITIOUS LIKE SKILLING WHO ROBBED A WHOLE STATE! Now they're saying 14 years teaching Spanish and reading newspapers to blind inmates is enough punishment. OK. Sure. I guess by their standards, it is.

I'm biased on this issue because if you examine what Skilling was doing LEGALLY it amounts to something I'd consider total fraud. ENRON wasn't an energy company, they were an energy trading company. Basically, a pimp for the real energy companies, preying on the rise and fall of utilities prices. You (private investor) would gamble on the price of heating oil and electricity...and play the market like greyhounds chasing fake rabbits around a track. But ENRON wasn't dumb so they paid off cocksuckers in California utilities to CAUSE electricity prices would go up. And since they'd invested in electricity shares prior to the price going up, they "made" money. So, they were publicly celebrated as a success at a point when I would've clearly called them a failure. But I'm an anti-American asshole who lives in a van so what do I know? It turns out that it took a total collapse of several phantom companies designed by ENRON to provide phantom revenue for ENRON for the public to finally agree that ENRON was a failure. I guess I feel the same way about Facebook, so don't listen to me.

On another note, I'm raising $8 million dollars to get a kidnapping son of a bitch out of jail in Cleveland because it irks me he's still alive. Trust me when I say there won't be an issue about recovering that bond. $1 from 8 million people will resolve this issue real quick. It's sad that this is the only way to get justice in America but obviously the court system is beyond salvation. Gumshoe, get your gun loaded.

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