Monday, August 19, 2013

Master of Nothing

Surveying his dirt plot


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

watch american astronaut.......................

Oggy Bleacher said...

Usually I'd say, "I saw that movie and thought it was too commercial etc etc."
But in the case of American Astronaut, I'd never seen it so I watched it today and can't uncross my eyes. There are a lot of topics that it brings to mind, Indie Cinema, subversive art, non-linear, mixed media storytelling.
Like Peyote tea, it's not something I'd casually recommend to anyone but I can see why you might mention it to me. Maybe one day, if I could find a single person brave enough to stop being an adult for a summer, I'll film something similar. Right now, all my friends are too mature to help save the world.
Thanks for steering me in the direction of Venus.

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