Monday, August 19, 2013

Freddy Prequel

There was a time when it would've been distasteful to dramatize Freddy Krueger's initiation into killing children. But fortunately we've passed that point somewhere around the time Obama deleted any mention of his "I will protect whistle-blowers" promise from his own website because, gee, it sort of contradicted his policy of persecuting whistle-blowers. We're reaching end of days time for democracy. The lies are piling up and we're only one police force union disagreement away from total anarchy like you see in Egypt. People are real puzzled when they elect a slippery two-faced lawyer as President and they get a slippery two-faced lawyer as President. So, I figure in a drunken haze, with two strong XX by the wells fargo WD40 from my above the garage adventure to the homeless dream time, why not really let our pants down and shit in public? Why pretend we are dignified and have limits?

Haven't you always wanted to know how Freddy Krueger got his start? How many children did he originally kill? I forget. Why should we think there are limitations to our loathsomeness? We prosecute the very people trying to enlighten us. We crucify our saviors and then eat the Dunkin Donuts munchins that sooth our diabetic arteries. How many of you are going to serve a sympathetic/solidarity inspired term in prison with Bradley Manning for the next 35 years? None? Of course not. All he did was man up to a repulsive and intrusive government and outsmart the dumb fucks. But they got the last laugh as they held his knuckles to the fire and watched as a few foreigners spoke out for him and no one in America gave a fuck. There was a time when he would've been rescued by a band of heroes. They would make a nostalgic movie about it in 20 years after the revolution. But those days ended around the time the sitcom Friends showed Jennifer A. get knocked up from too much cake in her hand basket.

So, now we have a nation of cowards who drool over pedophile news events...good...that's where we all belong..proudly in the crotch of society and the blight of the humanity we once were. Let's really get dirty and show our ass crack. Let's hang our dirty underwear on the Ethernet line. Let's reinvent Freddy Krueger who represents the worst of us that has come to pass, the coward who stands by while the pit bull FBI and NSA fucks reach into the pockets of the monstrous slaves who arm the drones with their taxes. I WANT TO SEE A FILM ABOUT A CHILD PREDATOR WHO RAPES CHILDREN AND THEN BURNS THEM AND THEN PAYS LAWYERS TO GET HIM RELEASED AND THEN THE TOWNS PEOPLE BURN HIM ALIVE BUT HE HAS THE LAST LAUGH AND HAUNTS THE DREAMS OF THE TEENAGERS WITH KNIVES ON HIS FINGERS.
That's funny. I'll really like that. Cheers!

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