Monday, August 19, 2013

Oggy's Future

Rooftop A/C Unit

When I'm too broken to do anything else then I'll sit on rooftops and bake in the sun to clean starter capacitor terminals of green oxide.

Two days after this procedure I heard some crackling from the roof. I looked up there and saw sparks flying out of the cover.
"What have you done, Oggy," I thought.
Then I had to drive the van next to the trailer since I didn't have access to the long ladder and an approaching thunderstorm made me vault into action. I climbed up there after shutting power down and climbed onto my van and then jumped across to the trailer roof, investigated and found that it wasn't my fault for once. The condenser wires were zip tied to the condenser pipe for so long they wore a hole in the insulation. I patched with electrical tape as the storm hit, buttoned it all down, and jumped back to the roof of my van. I must have A/C because I'm a pampered Westerner who thinks the world revolves around him and it would be intolerable to sleep without A/C.

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