Monday, October 13, 2014

Guns Aren't Fishing Poles

A common gun rights equation is that guns are no different than fishing poles. Only the murderous person makes a gun a weapon.
"Forbidding guns in a house is like forbidding fishing poles," they like to say.
I got my expert team of digital media editors on that project and this is what they came up with.

Boy fishing with rifle
I don't think fishing poles or guns or plastic shopping bags or soda should be banned by the government. I do think the manufacturers should stop manufacturing them. Or as I wrote to one zealot, "If you think guns are the same as fishing poles, then go sell fishing poles and teach kids to fish. Do us all a favor."
His response would probably be that you can't defend yourself with a fishing pole. And I'd say, "That's why they are called guns! So people know which one can kill another person. They aren't the same fucking thing. You think David Koresh was stockpiling fishing poles for a canoe trip down the Rio Grande?"

It's another swords into plowshares fantasy I've been chasing for decades.

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